Edition 2 of the EHEST MARIA Risk Assessment Toolkit has been published.

Like all other EHEST and IHST material, the MARIA Toolkit can be used free of charge.
Dated: August 2016

European Helicopter┬áSafety Implementation Team SMS Toolkit – Draft
The EHEST SMS Manual. This is the very first free ready-to-use manual available in the community. The operator can just modify the manual to fit his organisation without the necessity to write a new one.
A simple, yet complete, SMS database. This is the first free database available in the community. It does not only allows you to record the internal events, but it allows an easy but useful management of the hazards, control/mitigations and the findings of the safety assurance program.
A pre-flight risk assessment tool. It allows a simple and fast evaluation of the total (combined) risk of a flight.

Pre-departure Checklist with Mitigation
Follow Up
Hazard Identification PZI
Safety Assurance
Safety Database
Undesirable Events PZI
Posted: December 2011