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Information for Consideration of Membership

In order for the members of the UK Flight Safety Committee to properly consider your membership application it is necessary for them to have sufficient information on which to base their decision.You are therefore invited to submit a short paper (not more then one A4 page) in support of your application.

Where possible you should address the following items:

  1. Brief History of Organisation.
  2. How your intended representative fits into the organisation and a short resumé of your background.
  3. Why you feel your organisation would benefit from membership to the UKFSC.
  4. What you think your organisation can contribute to the UKFSC.


Subscription Rates for 2024/2025

Full Membership – £1,750
Group Membership – On Application

NOTE: Applications approved by the Committee in the first half of the subscription year (1 Apr – 30 Sept) are required to pay the full annual amount appropriate to the class of membership. Those approved in the second half (1 Oct – 31 Mar) are required to pay 50% of the annual fee. Members will be invoiced once applications have been approved.

Membership Application Form 2024/25