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Safety Events

We have detailed here Conferences/Seminars that we thought would be of interest to you. Please contact the relevant organisation directly for any further information.


Save the Date
Flight Safety Foundation
2020 Safety Forum “Runway Excursion Risk Reduction”
Brussels 3-4 June 2020



EASA Safety Conference
Airline Operational Safety – A Vision for the Future
4-5 November 2019
Helsinki, Finland

EASA invites regulators, strategic leaders, operational safety managers and aviation specialists to register today to join the panellists in Helsinki to discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities we face and how best to tackle them.
Join us for an exciting programme that will shape the future of aviation safety in Europe.


IASS 2019
2-4 November
The International Air Safety Summit (IASS 2019)  brings together aerospace and aviation safety professionals from around the globe to exchange information and propose new directions for further risk reductions. Register now…



Helicopter special events end of season review
29 October 2019 starting at 11:00
Airport Terminal at Oxford Airport

The British Helicopter Association and Civil Aviation Authority will be hosting a review of helicopter operations at major events during 2019. The intention is to facilitate an open exchange of views to ensure that safe operations remain a fundamental objective at future events.
All helicopter operators, pilots and operations personnel (CAT, SPO, NCC or NCO) are welcome and should register by contacting or 01276 856100.
The London Heliport Safety and Liaison Meeting will follow the Review.


CAA Airworthiness Seminar
14 October 2019 – Derby

Following previous successful Airworthiness Seminars on Effective Problem Solving and Root Cause Identification in February 2019, the CAA is organising an identical event on 14 October 2019 in Derby.
The seminar presents the opportunity for the CAA to communicate current thinking on this subject while providing a forum for Industry Stakeholders to share their experience and best practices.
As this event is a repeat of the February seminar, attendance is only open to individuals / organisations who did not attend previously, and who hold an Airworthiness Approval.
For more information and to RSVP, please refer to the event page




Helicopter Safety Seminar
Cranfield University
8 May 2019

The CAA is holding another helicopter safety seminar in collaboration with the British Helicopter Association (BHA) at The Stafford Cripps Building, Cranfield University on 8 May 2019. The seminar will run from 10:00-16:00 with a light lunch provided. The event will include presentations on UAV and UTM, the CAA Onshore Safety Review, AAIB, and P PAN. A full agenda will be made available when finalised.
Applications to attend are welcome from all areas of the industry and should be made to
Posted: March 2019




Royal Aeronautical Society
Lithium Batteries – A Rising Risk In Aviation Conference
No. 4 Hamilton Place
28 February 2019

What does your flight crew do when confronted with an overheating lithium-powered device?
With a rise in the number of personal electronic devices (PEDs) carried by passengers, this timely conference will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the risks of lithium battery fires, so you can be better prepared to review your existing policies and procedures, ensuring the safety of your passengers and flight crew.
In a first for the Society, CellBlock FCS will safely demonstrate an actual lithium battery overheat in controlled conditions, providing you with a “real world” example of this condition.


Helicopter special events briefing 2019
Aviation House, Gatwick
25 February starting at 1100

Following the positive response from industry to last year’s meeting, the British Helicopter Association with support from the Civil Aviation Authority will again be holding a Helicopter Special Events Briefing.
The meeting will enable heliport operators to brief industry on their plans for the coming season and also facilitate an open exchange with industry with the aim of promoting a safe and successful series of events.
A pilots’ briefing for the Cheltenham Festival heliport will be included.
The meeting will be held at Aviation House, Gatwick on 25 February starting at 1100.
All pilots (whether conducting CAT, SPO, NCC or NCO activity) and operations personnel are welcome to attend and interested parties are asked to register by sending their details to
Posted: January 2019




NATS/Airline LOFT Opportunities
NATS are seeking additional opportunities to get their operational Air Traffic Controllers involved with airline Flight Simulator Training. The attached brief provides the background and contacts, for Airlines wishing to get involved, to obtain further information.

NATS Scenario Training for Aircrew and Controllers [STAC]

As part of the on-going training undertaken throughout NATS, there is a desire to expand the TRUCE and continuous professional development of operational staff. As part of this development SRG have approved the expansion of the licensing requirement of TRUCE to include more pilot/controller interface activities. These with include controllers joining with pilots in LOFT experiences and a new workshop based activity known as STAC. More information …..

The success of the STAC programme relies heavily on having current pilots available to contribute to the scenarios and Members are encouraged to support STAC whenever possible. Whilst most of the training to date has been conducted at Swanwick, Farnborough and Gatwick, other locations can be arranged; please contact Anne Isaacs at NATS if you would like to support this training at your own bases

Baines Simmons – Advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS) Workshops
Baines Simmons , has recently launched a new workshop entitled Advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS). This unique course has been designed to enable experienced aviation safety professionals to move away from a compliance-centric model towards measureable safety performance with the new EASA regulations. It will run on a regular basis from the Baines Simmons’ Aviation Safety Academy from February 2012 onwards. More Information ……