Runway Safety

Runway Safety Briefings and Presentations



Safety Notice – Runway 26R Take Off Operations
London Gatwick Airport
Dated: April 2019

Safety Notice – Runway 26R Take Off Operations
London Gatwick Airport
Dated: August 2018

Safety Information – Apron near misses
Brussels Airport
Dated: April 2018

Safety Notice – Runway 26R Northern Runway Take Off Operations
London Gatwick Airport
Dated: April 2018

FAA Advisory Circular on Mitigating the Risks of a Runway Overrun Upon Landing
Dated:September 2014

FAA Advisory Circular on Single Pilot Operations in Taxy Phase
Dated: July 2012

USA Reduced Runway Notification
Dated: July 2012

The Runway Excursion Risk Reduction Toolkit Download – Second Edition Available Free
IATA Global Safety Information Center (GSIC)
Dated: December 2011

French BEA Runway Excursion Report
Airbus A321-211 – Paris Charles de Gaulle – 8 February 2009
(Only available in French)
Posted: August 2011

Eurocontrol Safety Posters
Posted: June 2011

ICAO Global Runway Safety Symposium
Programme Documentation
Posted: June 2011

Runway Incursions – FAA Advisory Circular
Dated: June 2011

Eurocontrol Action Plan For Prevention Of Runway Incursions Version 2
Dated: June 2011

Winter Operations Friction Measurement and Conditions for Friction Predictions
Norwegian AIB Report
Posted: May 2011

Manchester Airport – Runway Incursion Report 2009
Dated: February 2010

EASA – Runway Excursion Statistics for 2008
EASA has issued Runway Excursion (RE) statistics which show that the number of RE events so far in 2008 is in line with previous years. While CFIT and Loss of Control (LOC) are still the major killers worldwide, RE is not far behind. Read the full article, originated by Reinhard Menzel from EASA, here:
Dated: October 2008

In support to ECAST priority Runway Safety, please find here attached a brief study performed by Reinhard Menzel, Safety Analysis Manager, EASA, Safety Analysis and Research Dpt
Dated: September 2008