Dangerous Goods, the Pandemic and the Future
In June, IATA partnered with Labelmaster and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on organizations that handle or transport dangerous goods (DG) and the changes needed to their DG management operations moving forward.
The survey found the need for better remote training capabilities, upgraded technology and more effective communication of data across the supply chain.
View survey results here.
IATA Publication
Posted: October 2020

Air operators requested to update dangerous goods manuals and training programmes
The next edition of ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air becomes effective 1 January 2019 and introduces changes to both cargo and passenger operations. Operators must provide instructions concerning dangerous goods in their operations manuals and maintain dangerous goods training programmes. Specimen manual entries reflecting the changes are published on the CAA website. AOC holders should draft amendments to their operations manual and send to [email protected] with a completed form SRG 1832. Where the training programme is subject to CAA approval this should also be submitted under the same process.
Dated: December 2018

Risks of Fire or Explosion when Transporting Lithium Ion or Lithium Metal Batteries as Cargo on Passenger and Cargo Aircraft
FAA Safety Alert for Operator – January 2016

SIB No: 2015-19 EASA document referred to in FAA document
Posted: February 2016

National Aerospace Laboratory NLR
An Analysis of the Safety Performance of Air Cargo Operators – Issued March 2000
Posted: July 2008

Cargo Safety Bulletins

Number 1 – Locks Up Form Signed in Advance
Number 2 – Aircraft Overloaded
Number 3 – Dangerous Goods – Be Alert!
Number 4 – Loading Awareness
Number 5 – Check the Door Safety Strap
Number 6 – Transport of Motorcycles – DGR Label

Dated: March 2004

UKFSC Cargo Sub-Committee – Cargo & Cabin Compartment Image Recorders (2CIRS) Presentation
Dated: April 2001

UKFSC Cargo Sub-Committee – Cargo & Cabin Compartment Image Recorders (2CIRS) Report
Appendix A
Fire in Flight
Cargo Fire & Smoke
Cargo Shift
Cargo Security Hijack

Dated: September 2001