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Laser Attacks Briefings & Presentations

The FAA is increasing prosecutions and penalties for laser attacks on aircraft
 Posted: May 2012

A copy of the Metropolitan Police Laser Incident Reporting Proforma
Posted: March 2012

Blindingly Obvious- Defence Against Laser Attacks
by Alex Fisher
Dated: December 2011

The website, which can be found at,collects a wide array of laser information into one location. It includes links for reporting laser incidents, laser statistics, FAA press releases, and FAA research on the dangers lasers can pose to pilots, as well as downloadable videos.

Dated: October 2011 

Examples Of Laser Attack Advice For Aircrew – Various Sources
FAA Advisory Circular
Laser Illumination Threat Mitigation (Airline Pilot)  
Operations (easyJet)  
Advice to Pilots (Balpa) Updated March 2012

Posted: July 2011

Useful Facts and Advice from dstl on Actions in Case of Laser Attacks
Dstl – 2009
Posted: May 2011

DSTL Advice on Mitigation of Laser Attacks – October 2009
Posted: March 2011

Latest FAA/DOD Advice on Laser Attacks against Aviation
Dated: February 2011 

FAA Announces Record Number of Laser Events in 2010
Dated: January 2011

IFALPA Briefing Leaflet

The Effect of Laser Illumination of Aircraft – Feburary 2009
Posted: October 2009

Safety Warning Message – Eurocontrol
Lasers Illumination of Aircraft and ATC Towers – June 2009
Posted: October 2009