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Winter Operations Briefings & Presentations

Heathrow LVPs

Posted: September 2015

Winter Operations, Friction Measurements and Conditions for Friction Predictions
Issued May 2011
AIBN – Accident Investigation Board Norway

Posted:January 2014

Operational Landing Distances – Implementing the TALPA ARC proposals

Lars KORNSTAEDT / Performance Expert, Airbus Flight Operations Support

Dated: November 2011

International Winter Operations Conference – Montreal – 5/6 October 2011

UKFSCChief Executive’s Meeting Summary including Conference Speaker Presentations

Dated: October 2011

Engine Power Loss in Ice Crystal Conditions
by Jeanne Mason, Senior Specialist Engineer, Engine Performance and Operability, Propulsion Systems Division
Boeing Aero Magazine 04/07

Posted: September 2011

Avoiding Convective Weather linked to Ice Crystal Icing Engine Events

Understanding the weather conditions that have been linked to ice-crystal icing can help pilots avoid situations that may put airplane engines at risk for power loss and damage.
By Matthew L. Grzych, Meteorologist, Atmospheric Physics and Flight Test Engineering
Boeing Aero Magazine 01/10

Posted: September 2011

Regulation of Ground de-Icing and Anti-Icing Services in the EASA Member States

Posted: June 2011