Simulator Articles that have been published in the UKFSC Official Publication “FOCUS on Commercial Aviation Safety”.

Title Author Issue No Page No
Aproval Criteria for Flight Simulators Brian H. Hampson 3 4
The Growth of Part Task Training Devices Alistair Powell 3 8
Flight Simulators – Safe or Sorry Paddy Carver 3 10
ATC Training Techniques Fred Johnson 3 13
PC Aviation Simulation John Plaistowe 3 17
The New Simulator Centre in Palma de Mallorca Rod Dean 3 19
Safer Training for Safe Flying Ian Findlayson 2 28
The Flight Simulator – A Contribution to Flight Safety Capt. Clive Elton 9 14
The Airplane Flight Simulator Evaluation Handbook Malcolm I. Blackwood 11 16
A Flight Data Recorder visualiser Dr. Shakir Wayeb 24 24
Comment fron the Simulator – A Base Trainer’s View Capt. Ben Bamber 28 16
A PC Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Simulator Trainer N J Lawson & R Bailey 79 7