Medical Articles that have been published in the UKFSC Official Publication “FOCUS on Commercial Aviation Safety”.

Title Author Issue No Page No
Incapacitation The Mac Flyer 4 23
Fatigue on Long Haul Operations – Part 1 R. Curtis Graeber 5 22
Fatigue on Long Haul Operations – Part 2 R. Curtis Graeber 6 20
Hazardous Substances Man Made Mineral Fibres Sqn. Ldr. Stephen Phelps 11 6
Pilots Sunglasses: Mystique or Mandate Frank E. Daley Jr. 15 15
Safety Hazard – Plastic Prescription Sunglasses Col. John M. Blough 15 18
Radiation Claude Thibeault 15 19
Deafness & Tinnitus and the Pilot CAA Medical Division 15 22
Hypertension and the Pilot Dr. Stanley R. Mohlor 15 23
Flying Under the Influence?? Capt. Rudolph T. Byrne 16 9
Fatigue Transport Canada 18 6
How Fit is the Pilot, Doctor? Dr. Tony Evans 18 8
Exposure to Cosmic Radiation – An Update Dr. K. Edgington 19 9
Physiological and Pharmacological Countermeasures to Fatigue Joan Sullivan Garett 23 14
In-Flight Incapacitation Dr. Tony Evans 24 4
Hypoglycema USAF Flying Safety 24 6
Flight Crew Cautioned About Unsupervised Melatonin Use Dr. Stanley Mohlor 25 21
The Leaking Rain Repellant Systems Robert erwell 25 25
Alcohol and his Demon Little Brother Sergeon Com. C.J.Stoot 26 16
The Potential Effects of Ozone Depletion in the United Kingdom 26 22
Food & Lonf Haul Flying CMSGT Robert T. Holritz 27 24
Non-Alcoholic Beer & Flying Abridged from Flying Safety 30 7
Crew Awareness of Sunlight Exposure can help Precent Skin Cancer Dr. Stanley Mohlor 30 22
Disorientation Reprinted from Asia Pacific Air Safety 32 16
Hypoxia in Flight and It’s Prevention AIC 132/1992 33 23
Does Smoking Affet Flying Performance? Yes, But Not in Ways you Might Think Frederick V. Malmstrom 35 24
Continued Caution Urged for Pilots Use of Alcohol Dr. Stanley R. Mohlor 36 13
Heat Stress Director of Flying Training, RAAF 38 4
Alcohol and Flying Reprinted from Flying Safety 38 13
The Aviator and his Mental Arousal Sergeon commander D. C. Whyte 38 18
Layovers in Underdeveloped Countries Increase Risk of Contracting Infectious Diseases Dr. Stanley Mohlor 39 10
Killer in the Cockpit Henry Holden 39 19
Stress Sergeon Commander C. J. Stoot 39 22
Powder Keg reprinted from Police Review 42 6
Lower Back Pain is a Common Complaint but Precautionary Practices Help Pilots Cope Dr. Stanley Mohlor 42 14
Like Fine Wine, we Improve With Age Reprinted from Aviation Safety Vortex 43 22
Managing stress – The case of a “Whole Person” Approach Dr. Simon Bennett FICDDS 44 16
A Chilling Danger on the Club Scene Dr. Jackie Stone 45 11
Heredity, Disease, Ageing Present Crewmembers with Increased Risk of Hearing Loss FSF HF’s and Aviation Medicine 45 19
DVT – What is all the Fuss About? Simon Phippard – Partner Aerospace Dept., Barlow, Lyde & Gilbert 50 10
DVT – What is all the fuss about? Part II or, are airliners flying surgeries? Simon Phippard 52 14
Blood Pressure 53 18
Arrhythmias Present Pilots with Range of Risks FSF Editorial Staff 54 17
Alcohol Limits and Flying Capt. Anthony Barrett-Jolley 55 9
Medical Matters 56 14
Sleep, If You Can Dr David Stevenson 57 18
Air Carrier Liability: EPA study reveals water contamination in one aircraft in seven Vanessa Leigh,
Barlow Lyde Gilbert
59 4
More Than Our Ears Can Bear Capt. Jennifer M Bager 62 10
Occupational Health and Safety On-Board Aircraft: Guidance on Good Practice Sarah Gill
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
62 24
It Couldn’t Happen to ME Lt Dan Denham – Royal Navy 63 22
Airline Liabilities in a Sick World Peter Coles
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
64 19
Drinking and Flying just don’t mix Roger Singer 67 21