Legal Articles that have been published in the UKFSC Official Publication “FOCUS on Commercial Aviation Safety”.

Title Author Issue No Page No
Air Carrier Liability: EPA study reveals water contamination in one aircraft in seven Vanessa Leigh
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
59 4
Corporate Manslaughter: Reform at Last? Sue Barham
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
60 17
Safety Regulation versus Consumer Rights? Richard Gimblett
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
61 18
EU Blacklist for Air Carriers Sue Barham
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
63 16
National Initiative Targeting Disruptive Passengers Sgt. Crompton-Guard
Greater Manchester Police
63 19
Airline Liabilities in a Sick World Peter Coles
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
Hong Kong Office
64 19
When is an Operator not an Operator – Corporate Jets, Private or Public Transport? Guy Facey – KSB Law LLP 65 22
New UK legislation and criminal penalties for air carriers Sue Barham
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
67 23
All the Rage – Disruptive Passengers and the Law Edward Spencer
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
69 19
Corporate Manslaughter Edward Spencer
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
71 14
New EU Regulation on the Rights of Disable Passengers Enters into Force Lorraine Wilson 72 12
EU Carrier Blacklist Keith Richardson 75 22
The Criminalisation of Air Accidents Edward Spencer 76 4
Accident Investigation: The EU Tightens Its Grip Edward Spencer & Charlotte Marfleet 78 4
Volcanic Ash Flight Distruption: A Step Too Far for Passenger Rights? Sue Barham & Edward Spencer 79 10
EU Accident Investigation – Regulation Comes Into Force Charlotte Marfleet, BLG 81 25