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October UKAB INSIGHT newsletter
The October edition of INSIGHT looks at an Airprox involving an untraced motor-glider and a DA42 on an instrument approach to Oxford.
The article highlights the risks to consider when transiting between two areas where the pilot does not have permission to enter either of them, and some considerations for the planning stage of the flight where it may involve transiting through a narrow gap and/or flying in the vicinity of airfields with instrument approaches outside controlled airspace.
The October INSIGHT newsletter is available from the UK Airprox Board website.
Dated: November 2023

September UKAB INSIGHT newsletter
The September edition of INSIGHT looks at an Airprox involving a glider and a military helicopter in the vicinity of Boscombe Down and Middle Wallop.
The article discusses considerations regarding communications with Air Traffic Service Providers in the vicinity of airfields, ATZs and MATZs and how these could be used to the pilot’s advantage.
The newsletter is available from the UK Airprox Board website
Dated: October 2023

The UKAB Annual report 2020
The UK Airprox Board’s new annual report offers an historic overview of cases followed by a detailed breakdown of Airprox by sector, risk, altitude and airspace. Understanding Airprox and the factors behind them is a key step towards mitigating against mid-air collision and UKAB’s sole purpose is to share its work far and wide to strengthen air safety for all. The bulk of the report concentrates on the performance of safety barriers, their associated contributory factors and their interdependencies which, in turn, allows the Board to make informed observations and to identify mitigations which can be employed to improve them.
Dated: October 2021

The Report by the UK Airprox Board – Blue Book 34
January 2018 – December 2018
Analysis of Airprox in UK Airspace
Posted: December 2019