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January infringement statistics now published
Airspace infringement statistics for January 2019 are now available.
In January the Infringement Coordination Group provisionally suspended the licences of two pilots – one due to repeat infringements and one due to safety matters. An additional 21 pilots were referred to attend the Airspace Infringement Awareness Course.
Dated: March 2019

Airspace infringement statistics update
Reported airspace infringement figures for 2018 are now available. These latest statistics are compared to 2017
Dated: February 2019

Infringement update: Causal factor analysis
Analysis of airspace infringement reports from 2017 has shown that that correct use of a moving map could have helped avoid 85% of airspace infringements.
Occurrence reports from private pilots were assessed against four key measures that could have helped prevent the infringement or reduced its impact on other air traffic or controllers.
The report was carried out by a sub-group of the CAA’s Airspace Infringement Working Group, made up of three experienced General Aviation pilots.
Read the full report: Causal Factor Analysis of Airspace Infringements 2017 
Latest infringement statistics showing total reported infringements for 2017 and 2018 are now available
Dated: January 2019

Airspace & Safety Initiative update: Hawarden RMZ
Details of Hawarden RMZ infringements and how to avoid them now available at
See Infringement updates for more information.
Dated: January 2019

Airspace & Safety Initiative update: Solent rules
Solent LAIT ‘Golden Rules’ for avoiding airspace infringements are now available.
Dated: November 2018

Airspace infringement statistics update
Latest infringement statistics plus details of Barton ATZ Infringements and how to avoid them.
Latest infringement statistics
Barton ATZ infringments and how to avoid them
Dated: November 2018

Birmingham airspace infringments and how to avoid them
Details on Birmingham airspace infringements and how to avoid them now available.
Dated: November 2018

Alert for airspace infringement statistics 
Statistics of reported annual airspace infringements as of 30 September 2018 are now available