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Safety By Design Articles that have been published in the UKFSC Official Publication “FOCUS on Commercial Aviation Safety”.

Title Author Issue No Page No
Rolls-Royce Engine Developments – Designing for Safety is no Accident – Part 1 H. M. Beasley 15 4
Rolls-Royce Engine Developments – Designing for Safety is no Accident – Part 2 H. M. Beasley 16 10
Boeing 777 Safety Design Considerations James L. Daily 17 5
One-Size-Fits-All Maintenance Problems Reprinted from NASA Callback 40 19
Comfort and Style in the Air – The Safety Paradox Dr. Simon Bennett FICDDS 43 15
Maintenance of High Strength Alloy Steel The Boeing Company 53 4
What is a flight data mnitoring programme? David Wright 59 8
NetJets – A uniue safety challenge Capt. Mike Jenvey
Capt. Catherine Thompson
60 19
UKFSC Annual Seminar 2005
Aviation Safety – Looking ahead 20 years
Ian Sheppard 61 8
Reducing the chance of a mid-air collision in the North Atlantic Steve Kirby 64 21
Global Solutions for FOD prevention Flt Lt John Franklin 65 4
Towards Safer Checklists Jo Davies 65 11
PrivAir – Uniting exceptional customer services with safety Jan Peeters 68 8
Improving Air Traffic Managemetn Safety Sean Jones 69 22
Do you really understand how your trim works? Many do not and why it matters Alex Fisher 70 4
European Strategic Safety Initiative M Masson 70 12
Target Zero: A culture of safety Cmdr Paul Brindle 71 7
Why is DHL Air undertaking a Line Operations Safety Audit? Capt. Gordon Hutchins 71 15
Line Operations Safety Audit provides data on threats and errors FSF Editorial Staff 71 16
Quality and safety – What next? Alan Munro 71 24
Practical Implementation of a Integrated SMS David Mawdsley 72 21
Air France Runway Overun – TEM Analysis Peter Simpson 73 18
The SKYbrary Project Tzvetomir Blajev & John Barrass 74 14
SMS on Wheels Thomas Anthony 80 12
The Ten Commandments of Aviation Safety Capt. Russ Williams 84 21