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Had an airprox? There is an app for that
UKAB initiative aims to improve reporting levels

Reporting an airprox incident is about to get a lot easier for the aviation community. The UK Airprox Board (UKAB) has launched a free app that can be used to submit details of an airprox by those involved. The app also provides access to UKAB’s extensive database of historic reports, and safety material, as well as an interactive chart of the UK displaying the locations of all reported airprox incidents.

Available on Android and iOS, the UKAB app will allow a pilot to report details of an incident by smartphone or tablet as soon as it is safe to do so, and while the incident is still fresh in their memory. Previously, most general aviation pilots would submit a report via UKAB’s website, often several hours, or even days, after the incident occurred.

Launching the app, UKAB Director, Steve Forward, said: “We want to make airprox reporting as easy as possible for pilots, and this app certainly achieves that. Not only can pilots now submit details quickly from their mobiles, they can also research where and why incidents happen.

“It is vital for UKAB to have access to the best quality incident reports we can get – to help us accurately assess the level of risk involved. The GA community in particular can help us to improve aviation safety by submitting timely and accurate airprox reports.”
The UKAB app can be installed free via the Google Play Store for android devices and the App Store for Apple phones and tablets. Search for ‘UKAB’ or ‘airprox’
Dated: February 2018

The Report by the UK Airprox Board (Blue Book 32) provides analysis of 2016’s incidents. It includes observations and lessons – incidents are broken down by aviation sector, airspace, risk distributions, incident rates and causal factors – and a short catalogue of 2016 Airprox.
Dated: November 2017

Keeping Clear of Conflict – New Airprox Prevention Guide for GA Pilots

A new campaign to cut the number of Airprox incidents involving general aviation (GA) pilots is launched today by the UK Airprox Board (UKAB).

To help pilots reduce the number of GA Airprox incidents, UKAB has developed comprehensive guidance for GA pilots, based on a thorough analysis of hundreds of incidents it has previously assessed. Focusing on six core actions pilots should adopt to avoid an airspace conflict, the campaign launches today with a new educational video animation.
The new animation is supported by a leaflet, the next UKAB magazine and further guidance. All are available on the UKAB website and packs of information sent to GA flying schools and clubs throughout the UK.
Dated: April 2017