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Medical Briefings & Presentations


Pilot Support Programme – Guidance for Commercial Air Transport Operators
The psychological well-being and positive mental health of commercial pilots is of fundamental importance to safe Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations. CAT operators should facilitate access to support from a peer support volunteer for their pilots in a just culture environment and to other forms of support.
CAP 1695 outlines a framework for a CAT operator’s Pilot Support Programme (PSP), which should form part of their Safety Management System, in accordance with amendments to Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 in force from 14 August 2018.
Dated: September 2018

Changes to the way you apply for a medical certificate
The CAA medical records system is being replaced. Changes will be implemented in a few months’ time and will provide greater accessibility, efficiency and transparency. The new web-based system will replace the existing paper-based application forms, changing the way in which you apply for a medical certificate.
Details and guidance on how to use the system will be provided in due course.
No action is required at present.
Dated: September 2018

Improved Pilot Medical Declaration form
A new, improved Pilot Medical Declaration process is now available – if you have already declared you do not need to do so again. The new process is online only, so applications by post or email will not be accepted. Replacing the old PDF form means that the form will now work on all current browsers, as well as tablets and smartphones. We’ve had over 2,500 successful declaration so far, and hope this change will make the process even easier.
Dated: March 2017

Laser attacks self-assessment tool
With the recent press coverage about aircraft being targeted with lasers, we would like to remind you about the Aviation laser exposure self-assessment (Alesa).
This CAA tool is designed to assist pilots, other flight crew members and air traffic control officers with deciding whether or not to seek medical attention following an eye exposure to a laser.

See our Visual System guidance material for more details.
Dated: February 2016

Protection of air crew from cosmic radiation: Guidance material

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