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Specialist Subject Meetings

Summary of Specialist Subject Meetings attended by the Chief Executive

  • World Birdstrike Association – Kick-off Meeting Joint Global Action Plan on the Reduction of the Bird/Wildlife Strike Risk to Aviation – Kasteel Keukenhof, Netherlands – 23rd-24th April 2013

    Meeting Notes Programme Terms of Reference

  • Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) for Business Jet Operators – Hilton Gatwick – 14th November 2012

Key Points Notes

  • EOFDM Steering Group Conference 12 January 2012Cologne

It brought together some 120 people including 78 aircraft operator representatives, as well as delegates from aircraft manufacturers, regulators, pilot associations and research institutions. 15 technical presentations were given, on a variety of topics. The presentations are now available on the EOFDM Conference webpage.

  • Runway Status Lights – Eurocontrol CDGWorkshop – 29th April 2009

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Summary of Seminars attended by the Chief Executive




Formal Presentations will be posted when they are available from the FSF

Symposium Programme

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IATA Meetings (IATA)

Summary of IATAMeetings attended by the Chief Executive

No CESummary as unable to attend

  • IATA Incident Review Meeting IRM – 14th/15th Sept 2011 – Dallas Meeting

IATAIRM-11 Bulletin No CESummary as unable to attend

IATAIRM-09 Report IRM-09 Presentation

IATA IRM-08 Report