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Loss of Control Briefings & Presentations


Unstable Approaches
Risk Mitigation Policies, Procedures and Best Practices
3rd Edition by IATA
Posted: November 2018

Go-Around Decision-Making and Execution Project Final Report
Flight Safety Foundation
Dated: March 2017

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) 
FAA Advisory Circular 120-111
Dated: April 2015

Upset Recovery in Sims
Aviation Week Article
Posted: July 2012

Flying without Airspeed
Aviation Week Article
Posted: July 2012

Stall Recovery Presentation – Airbus
Posted: June 2010

Training for Automation – A Summary of Research Findings Presentation by CAA
Presented at the EASA Training Conference November 2009
Posted: January 2010

Commercial Aviation Safety Team – Final Report – August 2008
Mode Awareness and Energy State Management Aspects of Flight Deck Automation
Posted: June 2009