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SD-2023/002: CAT.POL.A.230 and CAT.POL.A.235 Landing – Dispatch Requirements
The purpose of this Safety Directive and Operational Directive is to ensure any current ambiguities in the interpretation of CAT.POL.A.230 and CAT.POL.A.235 Landing – Dispatch Requirements are removed.
Dated: October 2023

Standards Document No. 29 Version 8
Standards Document No. 29 Version 8 – Guidance on the requirements for the training and testing of Human Factors for Flightcrew under EASA Part ORO and EASA Part FCL has now been published.
Dated: July 2019

Amended standards document 69 and standards document 41
Former standards document 69 – Instructions and Procedures for Senior Examiners – has been revised and renumbered as standards document 28 and is available as a full rewrite here.
Standards Document 41 V4 – Instructions and procedures for type rating examiner aeroplane and helicopter and synthetic flight examiner aeroplane and helicopter standardisation course providers – has been revised and reissued at version 05 and is available for use here.
Dated: July 2019

Standards Document 03(H): Notes for the Guidance of Applicants taking the CPL Skill Test (Helicopters)
Notes for the guidance of applicants taking the CPL Skill Test (Helicopters).
This standards document defines UK Policy and means of Compliance with EASA Part FCL, subpart D and Appendix 4.
Version 4 includes: Personnel changes, GDPR and minor grammatical and typographical corrections.
Dated: March 2019

Standards Document 24(A) Policy and Guidance for Examiners: Multi-Pilot Aeroplanes (MPA) and Single-Pilot High Performance Complex Aeroplanes (SP HPCA) Type Rating Skill Tests and Proficiency Checks using SRG1158 Schedule
This document gives guidance to examiners conducting skill tests/proficiency checks for Type Ratings for Multi-Pilot Aeroplanes and Single-Pilot high performance complex aeroplanes for United Kingdom (GBR) and EASA licences
Issue 5 is a complete re-issue incorporating current and new policies and procedures
Dated: June 2018

Standards Document 11: Provision and Conduct of Ground Examinations for the Private Pilot Licence Aeroplanes & Helicopters
The purpose of Standards Document 11 is to provide guidance on: the provision of examination papers, including appointment of the custodian of examination papers and security of papers; gaining authorisation as a ground examiner or revalidation examiner; the conduct of examinations.
Dated: November 2017

Standards Document 31: Organisations Conducting Approved Courses of Flight and Ground Training
A List of Organisations Conducting Approved Courses of Flight and Ground Training
Dated: July 2017

Standards Document 30: UK CAA Registered Training Facilities PPL Aeroplanes and Helicopters
This document contains a list of RTFs registered with the UK CAA for the delivery of training towards the Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes) and (Helicopters). The organisations are listed in Alphabetical order by Company or Person/ Sole Trader name.
Dated: July 2017

Standards Document 44: Gyroplane Licensing
This document for consultation is the latest revision of the CAA’s Standards Document for the licensing of Gyroplane pilots.

As well as having been thoroughly reviewed to modernise and update existing content, it now reflects the training requirements for the new CPL (Gyroplanes), night rating and associated requirements for instructors. Updates to reflect the new Air Navigation Order 2016 (which replaced the ANO 2009) have also been made.

The consultation is open for comments until 9 December 2016.

Please send your comments to [email protected]
Dated: November 2016