FAA Emergency Airworthiness Directive

CAA Notifications on FAA EAD


FAA AD 2023-10-02: Statement: Not Eligible for Adoption – FAA AD 2023-10-02: Appliances – Instruments and Navigation
Dated: June 2023

FAA AD 2023-02-02: Decision not to adopt FAA AD 2023-02-02: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Model GV and GV-SP aeroplanes
Dated: March 2023

FAA EAD 2021-23-51: General Electric Company (GE) CF34-8C and CF34-8E Model Turbofan Engines: Broken Compressor Variable Geometry (VG) Actuator Rod End
Dated: November 2021

FAA EAD 2021-15-51: Bell Textron Inc.Model 204B, 205A, 205A-1, 205B, and 212 Helicopters: Outboard Main Rotor Hub Strap Pin
Dated: July 2021

FAA EAD 2021-11-51: International Aero Engines AG (IAE): V2522-A5, V2524-A5, V2527-A5, V2527E-A5, V2527M-A5, V2530-A5, and V2533-A5 model turbofan engines
Dated: May 2021

UK CAA Decision not to Adopt FAA AD 2020-26-16: Piper PA-28 and PA-32 aeroplanes
UK CAA Decision not to adopt a State of Design Airworthiness Directive
Dated: March 2021

FAA EAD 2021-05-51: Pratt&Whitney PW4070, 4080 and 4090: Engine – 1st-Stage Low-Pressure Compressor Blades – Inspection
Dated: February 2021

FAA EAD 2020-18-51: Sandia Attitude Indicator: (P/N) 306171-10, (P/N) 306171-20, or Sandia Model SAI 340A or BendixKing Model KI 300 Model
Dated: August 2020

FAA EAD 2020-07-51: International Aero Engines AG (IAE) V2522-A5, V2524-A5, V2525-D5, V2527-A5, V2527E-A5, V2527M-A5, V2528-D5, V2530-A5, and V2533-A5 model turbofan engines
Dated: March 2020

FAA EAD 2020-01-55: General Electric Company GE90-115B Model Turbofan Engines
Dated: January 2020

FAA EAD 2019-25-55: Review of the Manufacturing Process for the 9G Rigid Barrier Installed on BDSF Conversions on Boeing Company Model 737-300, -400, and -700 Series Airplanes
Dated: December 2019

FAA EAD 2019-21-51: General Electric Company GE90-115B Turbofan Engine Models Fitted to B777-300ER Aircraft
Dated: October 2019

FAA AD 2017-26-03: Enstrom F-28, 280 and 480 helicopters: Main Rotor – Rod End Bearing Assemblies – Inspection
Although the FAA have not designated this an Emergency AD, because of the short compliance time EASA have, and so the CAA are sending it out as an EAD.
Dated: December 2017