FAA Emergency Airworthiness Directive

CAA Notifications on FAA EAD


FAA EAD 2019-08-51: Cirrus Design Corporation SF50 Airplanes: Stall warning and protection system (SWPS) or Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) System engaging when not appropriate
Dated: April 2019

FAA EAD 2018-23-51: FAA EAD Boeing 737-8 and 737-9 Aircraft
Dated: November 2018

FAA AD 2017-26-03: Enstrom F-28, 280 and 480 helicopters: Main Rotor – Rod End Bearing Assemblies – Inspection
Although the FAA have not designated this an Emergency AD, because of the short compliance time EASA have, and so the CAA are sending it out as an EAD.
Dated: December 2017

FAA EAD 2017-21-51: Engine Alliance GP7200: Engine fan hub inspection
Dated: October 2017

FAA EAD 2017-05-51: Air Comm Corp Air Conditioning System Part Number 429EC-200 or 429EC-202 fitted to Bell 429 helicopters: Air Conditioning – Condenser Blower-to-Motor Attachment – Inspection / Deactivation
Dated: March 2017

FAA EAD 20170251: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Sikorsky) Model S-92A helicopters: tail rotor pitch change shaft (TRPCS) assembly part number (P/N) 92358-06303-041 or P/N 92358-06303-042 installed
Dated: January 2017

FAA EAD 2016-24-51: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Sikorsky) Model S-92A helicopters: Inspection of Tail Rotor Pitch Change Shaft
Dated: November 2016

FAA EAD 2015-24-51: Airbus EC120B helicopters fitted with Air Comm air conditioning kit (STC SR00491DE): Tail Rotor Drive System Air Conditioner Compressor Drive Pulley – Test / Replacement
Dated: December 2015

FAA EAD 2015-20-51: Hiller UH-12 Series Helicopters: Main Rotor Blade Fork
Dated: September 2015

FAA EAD 2015-19-51: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S-76A, S-76B, S-76C and S-76D Helicopters: Main Rotor (M/R) Failed Servo Input Control Pushrod Assembly
Dated: September 2015

FAA EAD 2015-10-51: Avidyne Integrated Flight Displays (IFDs): Navigation – Incorporation of Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) or Airplane Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) Operational Limitation
Dated: May 2015

FAA EAD 2015-08-51: Entsrom Helicopter F28, 280 and 480 helicopters: Main Rotor Head
Dated: April 2015

FAA EAD 2015-04-51: Entsrom Helicopter F28, 280 and 480 helicopters: Main Rotor – Main Rotor Spindle – Inspection / Replacement / Report
Dated: February 2015

FAA EAD 2013-10-52: GE90-110B1 and GE90-115B turbofan engines: Engine – Tranfer Gearbox (TGB) – Replacement
Dated: May 2013

FAA AD 2013-02-51E: Boeing Company Model 787-8 Airplanes
Dated: January 2013

FAA AD 2012-10-52E: Cessna 206, 207 and 210; Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) Turbochargers
Dated: May 2012

FAA EAD 2011-25-51: Continental Motors, Inc. (CMI) Models TSIO-520, TSIO-550-K, TSIOF-550K, and IO-550-N reciprocating engines; CMI starter adapters
Dated: November 2011

FAA EAD 2011-20-51: Pratt & Whitney Canada, Inc. PT6A Series Turboprop Engines – Timken Alcor Aerospace Technologies, Inc. First Stage Reduction Sun Gears
Dated: September 2011

FAA EAD 2011-18-51: Honeywell International, Inc. TPE331 model turboprop engines; Dixie Aerospace, LLC main shaft bearing.
Dated: August 2011

FAA EAD 2011-08-51: Boeing 737-300,-400 and -500; Fuselage Lap Joint at Stringers S-4R and S-4L – Inspection / Repair
Dated: April 2011

FAA AD 2011-07-13: CPAC 112 and 114: Elevator Spar Inspection / Repair / Replacement
Dated: April 2011

FAA EAD 2010-11-52: Sikorsky S-76A, B, C helicopters: LITEF Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) Unit
Dated: May 2010

FAA EAD 2010-06-51: BOEING 737-600/700/700C/800/900/900ER: Elevator tab control mechanism – Aft attach lugs – Inspection
Dated: March 2010

FAA EAD 2009-24-52: Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) 240, 360, 470, 520 and 550 series reciprocating engines: Hydraulic Valve Lifters – Identification / Replacement
Dated: November 2009

FAA EAD 2009-23-51: Sikorsky S-92A: Main Gearbox (MGB) – Inspection
Dated: October 2009