EASA Safety Information Bulletins & Safety Promotion Material

EASA Safety Information Bulletins & Safety Promotion Material


List of all Safety Information Bulletins


Breaking the Silos
Safety Promotion
Good Practice Document
European Operators Flight Data Monitoring Working Group C
Dated: May 2019

SIB2019-01R1 : GPS Week Rollover
Dated: February 2019

SIB2019-02 : Explosive Door Openings on Parked Aeroplanes
Dated: February 2019

SIB 2018-13 : Airbus Helicopters with Single Hydraulic Power System – Hydraulic Emergency Procedure and Hydraulic Failure Training
Dated: September 2018

SIB 2017-08 : Access for Rescue and Fire Fighting Services at Aerodromes
Dated: June 2017

SIB 2014-32R1 : Alleged Examination Fraud at Part-147 Maintenance Training Organisation, Hellenic Aviation Training Academy
Dated: January 2017

SIB 2016-02 : Use of Erroneous Parameters at Take-off
Dated: February 2016

SIB 2015-17 : Unreliable Airspeed Indication at High Altitude/ Manual Handling at High Altitude
Dated: September 2015

SIB 2013-05 – Manual Flight Training and Operations.
This SIB encourages manual flying during recurrent simulator training and also, when appropriate, during flight operations.
Dated: April 2013

SIB 2013-02 Stall and Stick Push Training
Dated: February 2013

SIB 2011-04  Nuclear Emergency in Japan
Dated: March 2011

SIB 2010-33 Flight Deck Automation Policy – Mode Awareness and Energy State Management
Dated: November 2010