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Flight Operations CD/DVDs available to Committee Members only

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Flt Ops 1
Aviation EnglishThe complete Intl English Language Tutor for Aviation Joint Venture – Aer Lingus, Compact Media Products – Irish Airline Pilot’s Assocation – 1998
Flt Ops 2 Turbofan Engine Malfunction – Recognition – Response Distributed by: BAE SYSTEMS
Flt Ops 3 Visual Guidance System (VGS) Product Overview Marconi Avionics Ltd Avionic Systems 1999
Flt Ops 4
Cold Weather Operations Ver. 1
Flt Ops 5
Waterproof Flight Operations – A comprehensive guide for corporate, fractional, on-demand and commuter operators conducting overwater flights
Flight Safety Digest
Sept 2003 – Febuary 2004
Flt Ops 6 Turbopropeller Malfunction – Recognition – Response

Sponsored by FAA & CAA

December 2002

Flt Ops 7 Volcanic Ash Contingency Conference Presentations May 2010
Flt Ops 8 Boeing 747  
Flt Ops 9 DC 10 Pre-Flight  
Flt Ops 10 Regional Airline Safety – A Question of Perception JetStream Aircraft Ltd
Flt Ops 11 Rejected Takeoff and the Go/No go Decision – Flight Crew Briefing  
Flt Ops 12 Fit to Fly? Human Factors Awareness for General Aviation Pilots General Aviation Council
Flt Ops 13 Ice Aware Civil Aviation Authority
Flt Ops 14 A380 Documentary – Video Clips – Undercarriage & Engine Testing Airbus
Flt Ops 15

An Aviator’s Guide to Good Decision Making

Coming out Alive: Lessons from pilots who know what it’s like

Aircare – New Zealand
Flt Ops 16 Autonomouse Precision Approach & Landing Systyem (APALS) 1996
Flt Ops 17 Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) – Overview, Team Reports, Safety Reference Material, Safety Plan, Risk Assessment Tool

Rev. 13