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NPA 2019-05 – Safety Management System Requirements
The CAA has published comments on the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2019-05 – Embodiment of safety management system (SMS) requirements into Part-145 and Part 21.
Read our response to the NPA:
CAA comments on NPA 2019-05
Read NPA 2019-05 on the EASA website
Dated: September 2019

NPA 2019-04
The CAA has published comments on the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2019-04 – Additional acceptable means of compliance and guidance material for the safety support assessment of changes to the air traffic management/air navigation services functional systems.
CAA comments on NPA 2019-04
Posted: June 2019

NPA 2018-15: Rescue and firefighting services at aerodromes
This NPA proposes guidance material for the aerodrome operators in order to verify the suitability of their existing medical and physical medical requirements for rescue and firefighting personnel and revise them, if considered necessary. Furthermore, alternative fuel types are allowed for the training of rescue and firefighting personnel on pressure-fed fuel fires.
Deadline: 18 March 2019
Posted: December 2018

NPA 2017-21: Technical and operational requirements for remote tower operations
This Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) addresses the technological, procedural and operational aspects of remote aerodrome ATS, in order to facilitate its safe and harmonised implementation throughout EASA member states, in accordance with the objectives of ATS.
Comments by: 3rd April 2018
Dated: December 2017

NPA 2017-04
Regular update of Aerodrome Rules-CS-ADR-DSN- Issue 4
CAA response – May 2017

NPA 2017-01
Implementation of the CAEP/10 amendments on climate change, emissions and noise
Dated: January 2017
CAA response – March 2017

NPA 2016-13
Technical requirements and operating procedures for airspace design, including flight procedure design
Dated: October 2016
CAA response – March 2017