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Cabin Safety CD/DVDs available to Committee Members only

Ref No:
Cabin 1 Aircraft Evacuations: The Effect of Cabin Water Spray System upon Evacuation Rates and Behaviour  CAA 1993
Cabin 2 Escape Hood for Use in an Aircraft Fire  David Horowitz
Cabin 3 Halcon Recycling Team Aer Lingus
Cabin 4
Disruptive Passengers
DfT Transec 2003
Cabin 5
Hijacking – The Secure Flight
DfT Transec 2003

Cabin 6

(Cargo 1)

Aerosol Cans in Aircraft – Tests in Toilet and Hold

Aerosol Explosions


Cabin 7

(Security 11)

Conflict Resolution Course – Security & Training Solutions for the Aviation Industry
AVSEC Global