Helicopter (Commercial/Private)


Standards for Helicopter Landing Areas at Hospitals: Heliport Operations Manual
An updated edition of CAP1264 ‘Standards for Helicopter Landing Areas at Hospitals’ includes a new Heliport Operations Manual annex.
Annex A provides a template for the Heliport Operations Manual (HOM) and starts on page 122.
Dated: April 2024

New Safety Sense Leaflet: Helicopter Airmanship
We have published a new Safety Sense Leaflet providing guidance to general aviation helicopter pilots on safer flying and airmanship.
This forms part of the popular Safety Sense series which we are currently updating.
Dated: April 2024

Helicopter Take Off and Landing
We have published CAP2613 Definition of Helicopter Take Off and Landing Phase of Flight.
This addresses AAIB Recommendation 2021-05 to publish guidance on the meaning and intention of the phase of flight alleviations in UK SERA where detailed as “except for take-off and landing” to better enable pilots to plan and act on minimum height requirements for safe operations.
Dated: November 2023

Helicopter Pleasure Flying and Feeder Sites
Helicopter Pleasure Flying and Feeder Sites: Requirements and Guidance Material for Operators (CAP2543) contains information, updated requirements and guidance for helicopter operators involved in pleasure flying and/or feeder sites.
Dated: July 2023

SARG Policy Statement: Policy for the management of Police, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services and Search And Rescue flight callsigns
The purpose of this Skywise Alert is to highlight the publication of the Safety and Airspace Regulation Group (SARG) Policy Statement entitled: Policy for the management of Police, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services and Search And Rescue flight callsigns.
Corresponding changes to CAP 413 – Radiotelephone Manual have been implemented in CAP 413 Supplementary Instruction (SI) 2023/01: Police, HEMS and SAR callsigns published on 7 July 2023, effective 7 September 2023.
Dated: July 2023

CAP 2520 Policy and Guidance for PinS operations
The CAA has published its policy and guidance for the implementation of Point-In-Space helicopter Operations.
This CAP offers guidance to helicopter operators wishing to implement PBN approaches or departures in support of their operations.
Dated: May 2023

Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas
Edition 9 of CAP 437 Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas has now been published.
It provides the criteria applied by the CAA in assessing the standards of offshore helicopter landing areas for worldwide use by helicopters registered in the United Kingdom.
This new edition includes updates and modifications to the material on helideck movement, meteorological information and helideck surface guidance; the bringing together of specifications for helideck status lights, monitoring system repeater lights and helicopter hoist status light specifications; and the simplification of protocol for regulating operations to NUI’s in abnormal states.
Dated: February 2023

Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas – updated
Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas (CAP437) has been updated.
This new amendment reflects current best practice in light of revisions to regulations and guidance resulting from experience within the wider aviation fueling community.
In addition, a sub-group of the Ground Handling Operations Safety Team (GHOST) has addressed specific ground handling and dangerous good risks.
Dated: August 2021

Radio Operators Certificate of Competence update
The Radio Operators Certificate of Competence (ROCC) certificate has been updated to include the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 and Ofcom requirements.
Previously issued ROCC certificates will remain valid and holders do not require re-issue of this certificate unless it has been lost, (for which a fee will be incurred).
There will be new procedures coming into place, at that point those still operating with the old version will need to be re-issued the new format.
Further guidance will be provided and communicated nearer the time, changes will be implemented in 2025.
Dated: June 2021

Professional Pilot Licence applications
Changes in application process – Professional Licence issue (CPL, CPL(A)/IR, CPL(H), CPL(H)/IR, and ATPL(A)/ATPL(H).
A new Professional Issue Online Application form for CPL,CPL IR and ATPL issue is now available to use for applicants who have not previously used our eLicensing system.
Please note that from 16 June all applications for professional licence issue must be made using eLicensing system or this online application form. The paper versions of SRG1183A/SRG1183H are no longer accepted.
Guidance on how to apply for Professional licence issue is available on the CAA website
Dated: June 2021

Onshore helicopter occurrence reporting
The Onshore Helicopter Review Report highlighted a need to promote occurrence reporting to the onshore helicopter community.
In answer to this action, the CAA has published CAP2158, Onshore Helicopter Occurrence Reporting, which highlights the importance of Mandatory Occurrence Reporting to improve safety.
Download Onshore Helicopter Occurrence Reporting (CAP2158)
Dated: June 2021

Updated Helicopter Standards Documents
Updated Standards Documents (H) are now available:
Standards Document 01(H): Notes for the Guidance of Applicants taking the Initial Instrument Rating Skill Test (Helicopters)
Standards Document 03(H): Notes for the Guidance of Applicants taking the CPL Skill Test (Helicopters)
Standards Document 21(H): Guidance for Applicants taking the Helicopter Examiners Assessment of Competence and Providers of Examiner Standardisation Training
Standards Document 14(H) has been withdrawn
Dated: May 2021