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The status of equity and non-equity aircraft ownership groups with respect to Part M and Part ML
The CAA website has been updated with information related to equity and non-equity ownership group schemes and the continuing airworthiness management responsibilities under Part M/Part ML, as applicable.
Dated: October 2020

Using UK National Permit to Fly aeroplanes and amateur-built microlights for initial pilot training
Earlier this year we opened two consultations on proposals to extend paid-for initial (Ab initio) pilot training to be conducted using certain aeroplanes which hold a UK national Permit to Fly (PtF) and amateur-built microlights, to trainees that are not owners of the aircraft.
Having completed a detailed analysis we have now published the results of these consultations and summarised our next steps.
UK National Permit to Fly Aeroplanes: Consultation response
Amateur-built UK National Permit to Fly Microlights: Consultation response
Dated: October 2020

Launch of Electronic Conspicuity (EC) rebate scheme
Rebates of up to £250 for new Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices are now available thanks to funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) aimed at encouraging more adoption of EC.
Full details on those eligible to apply, EC devices and how to claim a rebate are available on the CAA website at
Dated: October 2020

Ending of certain licensing and medical exemptions during November and December 2020
The CAA recognises the significant and sudden impact that Covid-19 has had on the UK General Aviation (GA) sector during 2020. To support the sector through this most challenging period, the CAA has provided a suite of temporary alleviation exemptions to provide maximum flexibility, whilst maintaining safety assurance to support organisations, operators, pilots and students.
Some of the CAA’s current licensing exemptions for Aircraft Maintenance, Air Traffic, Flight Crew licence holders and Cabin Crew are due to expire on 22 November 2020 with Medical Certificate exemptions continuing until 31 December 2020.
Please see the CAA website for details.
Dated: September 2020

Jamming trial impacting GNSS (GPS): 7 – 11 September, Wales and SW England
Activity may affect GNSS navigation and precision timing devices including electronic situational awareness devices and UAV’s (drones)
Jamming activity within 5KM of N52° 00’ 53”, W003° 38’ 31” (Sennybridge)
Low Power jamming will take place between 0900-1800 BST and may impact GNSS signals up to and above 40,000FT AMSL within 63NM
High Power jamming will take place between 1200-1800 BST and may impact GNSS signals up to and above 40,000FT AMSL within 122NM in certain directions
Systems relying on GNSS reception may suffer intermittent or total failure.
Further information see AIC P057/2020 (linked via the heading NOTIFICATION OF GNSS JAMMING TRIALS under News on the NAT AIS home page) or contact
Emergency cease jamming: 01874 635599
Dated: August 2020

Updated Government guidance for GA ahead of the restart of dual and instructional flights
The Department for Transport has published updated GA guidance on ahead of the restart of dual and instructional flights, and the new social distancing guidelines that will apply in England from 4 July.
Dated: June 2020

Bringing sub-600kg aircraft into national regulation
In October-November 2019, we consulted on moving new designs of light aircraft 450-600kg from EASA certification to UK national regulations.
We received over 1,350 responses to this consultation, one of the largest responses to a general aviation consultation in recent years. Having completed a detailed analysis and consulted key community representatives and the Department for Transport, this document sets out the results of this consultation and summarises our next steps.
Dated: June 2020

COVID 19 – Changes to MET forecasts
The Met Office is currently prioritising activities so that it can continue to carry out urgent governmental work. To support the Met Office and in light of current restrictions on General Aviation, the CAA has sanctioned changes including:
A suspension of GAMETs, Gatwick Take Off Forecasts, and aerodrome warnings for General Aviation airfields, and
9 hour TAFs produced every 6 hours instead of every 3 hours.
CAA will keep these temporary changes under review and will advise the Met Office when to resume normal services.
Changes will take effect from midday on 23 April 2020.
Further information is available on the Met Office website
Dated: April 2020

GA maintenance check flights during COVID-19
The Government’s guidance permits essential maintenance activity to take place during the current COVID-19 restrictions, and on this basis owners / operators of GA aircraft are permitted to conduct aircraft maintenance flights.
The details of what is permitted is available on our website.
Dated: April 2020

General Aviation pilot medical self-declaration exemption extended
The current exemption that allows General Aviation (GA) pilots to self-declare their medical fitness, that was due to expire on Wednesday 8 April 2020, has been extended to remain in place until 8 November 2020. Other exemptions to help alleviate COVID-19 issues for pilots and operators of aeroplanes, helicopters, balloons and sailplanes will be issued shortly and more information is available here, and the new exemption can be found on our website.
Dated: April 2020

Jamming trial to effect electronic situational awareness devices and UAS system 40,000 FT AMSL
Jamming activity will take place 10 – 21 February 2020, 0800 and 1800 GMT, near RAF Spadeadam and surrounding areas.
This may affect cockpit devices and UAS systems operating on 433MHz, 868MHz (FLARM/PilotAware), and 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz (WiFi) within 30 NM of 550306N 0023318W (spadeadam) up to 40,000 FT AMSL.
During the trials GPS moving maps and WiFi devices (including UAS systems) may suffer intermittent or total failure. GNSS jamming will also take place as part of this activity.
For further information contact:
In an Emergency or to cease jamming contact: 01697 747321 extensions 6386, 6375 or 6388.
Dated: February 2020

General Aviation Policy Framework update
The General Aviation Unit has reviewed and updated its GA Policy Framework. This provides guidelines to help ensure we fulfil our statutory duties as we continue to deregulate, delegate and introduce proportionate regulation, further to the Government’s Red Tape Challenge.
The Framework was first introduced in 2014. Minor revisions have been made to reflect guidance and regulation that has been published since then.
Dated: January 2020