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CAA SkyWise on Airspace Change


Procedure for reviewing airspace classification
The UK Civil Aviation Authority has today launched its new procedure to review the classification of airspace.
This procedure will take effect from 1 December 2020.
Posted: December 2020

Airspace modernisation update – October 2020
The CAA has published a further update relating to work on airspace modernisation. This update is in relation to Sponsors restarting a ‘paused’ ACP and how we intend to assure that ACPs in the FASI-S programme that are progressing to a CAP1616 Stage 2 Gateway assessment do not constrain the optimisation of the wider network.
Dated: October 2020

Farnborough Airport Airspace Change Post Implementation Review
While it had been expected that Stage 7 PIR of the Farnborough Airport airspace change would begin in the latter part of 2020, the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the activity levels of both IFR Commercial Air Transport and General Aviation.
It has been agreed by the CAA, sponsor and GA stakeholders that the start of the Farnborough airspace change PIR period will be postponed until 2021.
Stakeholders will meet again in January 2021 to determine the confirmed start date of the PIR, the scope of the required analysis and corresponding data requirements in order to determine the overall impact on all airspace users.
Dated: October 2020

Isle of Man/Antrim Post Implementation Review
The CAA’s Post Implementation Review assessment for the Isle of Man/Antrim sectors systemisation and introduction of RNAV1 route structure Future Airspace Strategy Implementation (North) (formally Prestwick Lower Airspace Systemisation) airspace change proposal has been published.
Dated: September 2020

Airspace Change Process for GNSS Instrument Approach Procedures without an Approach Control Service
The UK Civil Aviation Authority published its procedure for considering proposals involving the implementation of a GNSS approach to an aerodrome without an approach control service on 28 August 2020.
The purpose of this document is to set out the Civil Aviation Authority’s policy and guidance relating to the Airspace Change Process for a permanent change to airspace design involving the implementation of GNSS IAPs Without an Approach Control Service.
Dated: August 2020

Newcastle International Airport SIDs PIR feedback window open
Following the publication of updated data and corrections to previous data a new opportunity for feedback has been opened.
Stakeholders have until 0900 4 September 2020 to submit any evidence or views on the updated data and corrections that they want the CAA to take into account. Submission by email to
Dated: August 2020

Public engagement on the criteria for assessing and accepting the Airspace Change Masterplan
As part of the CAA’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy, CAA and the Department for Transport (DfT), have commissioned NERL to establish an impartial team known as the Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG) to lead the programme to create a coordinated implementation plan for airspace changes in Southern UK. This is being referred to as the Masterplan for short.
We are seeking your views on the criteria that the CAA will use to determine whether to accept the Airspace Change Masterplan into the Airspace Modernisation Strategy.
See our public engagement exercise for more information and respond online before 27 March 2020.
Dated: February 2020

Kemble CAS(T) Airspace Trial: 22 February 2020
On 22 February 2020, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will establish Controlled Airspace (Temporary) (CAS(T)) for a flight operating from Kemble Aerodrome (EGBP).
Whilst CAS(T) has been established at Kemble in the past. The CAS(T) structure has been redesigned to help minimise the impact on other airspace users. This new design will be trialled this weekend.
The airspace comprises one CTR and two CTAs to allow the flight from Kemble to join controlled airspace. The airspace will be notified as Class D by NOTAM B0345/20, B0346/20 and B0350/20.
Kemble CTR and CTA 1 and 2
Kemble CTR and CTA 1 to show the lower levels of the controlled airspace
The rules for flight in this CAS(T) are the same as for permanent Class D airspace. A clearance to enter is required from the controlling authority, in this case RAF Brize Norton ATSU, therefore pilots must remain outside controlled airspace until a clearance to enter has been issued.
The introduction of this CAS(T) has been exempt from the Airspace Change Process as set out in CAP1616.
Dated: February 2020

Post Implementation Review of Luton Airport’s Runway 26 departure routes airspace change proposal
The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has now completed a thorough review of changes made in 2015 to Luton Airport’s Runway 26 departure routes. We have assessed these changes against the original objectives of the airspace change proposal. This review concludes that the airspace change has been implemented and is operating as expected. This report marks the end of this airspace change request.
The report can be accessed through the following link: Report of the CAA’s Post Implementation Review of London Luton Airport’s Airspace Change Proposal – Runway 26 Brookmans Park RNAV-1 Standard Instrument Departure Procedures.
Dated: February 2020

CAP 1616 guidance: 3rd edition published
On 22 January 2020, the CAA published an updated third edition of CAP 1616, Airspace Change: Guidance on the regulatory process for changing the notified airspace design and planned and permanent redistribution of air traffic, and on providing airspace information.
The third edition is available on our website. It incorporates:
a new decision-making process for PPR proposals – a Planned and Permanent Redistribution of air traffic through a change in air traffic control operational procedure
an additional case (airspace reclassification) where the Secretary of State can call-in an airspace change proposal
updating references and improving clarity or consistency.
Dated: January 2020

Establishment of an Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) at Lee-On-Solent: Post implementation review published
The CAA has completed the post implementation review (PIR) of the Establishment of an Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) at Lee-On-Solent airspace change proposal. As a result of our analysis, the CAA has concluded that the Establishment of an Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) at Lee-On-Solent PIR does show that the proposal has been implemented and operated as expected.
Dated: November 2019

Predannack Airfield ACP Decision
ACP Decision Letter approving the implementation of a new Danger Area at Predannack Airfield and another linking this to the South Coast Exercise Areas for the operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems.
Dated: May 2019

Airspace Modernisation Strategy
We have today launched our new Airspace Modernisation Strategy that initiates the major overhaul of a key piece of national infrastructure. The Airspace Modernisation Strategy sets out a new shared objective between the Civil Aviation Authority and the Government for modernising airspace which is to deliver quicker, quieter and cleaner journeys.
Find more information on the AMS pages on the CAA website.
Dated: December 2018