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Winter Operations 2019 / 2020
During Winter 2018 / 2019 de-icing MOR data showed primary error factors as 65% ramp services and 30% aerodrome. Of these errors 70% were detected by the pilot, 14% by ground crew, and 11% by cabin crew.
Considerations when preparing for Winter operations:
Sources of information to use, particularly for hold-over times
Specific issues associated with your operation and aircraft
– Permitted contamination
– Permitted fluids
– Refreezing of some fluids
– Effects on aircraft of runway / taxiway de-icing substances
– Contaminated runway performance
Updating documentation / Operations Manuals
Training / retraining staff
Serviceability of de-icing / anti-icing equipment
Service level agreements
Snow plans at aerodromes used
Using your SMS to evaluate Winter Operations
Dated: September 2019

Critical parts awareness and training
We have published guidance for continuing airworthiness organisations managing and / or maintaining critical parts for additional training and raising awareness.
This guidance supersedes IN 2016/026, broadens the scope of applicability to all rotorcraft and their operational types and provides further information relating to critical part management.
Dated: June 2019