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Part 145 – Applicability of AMC2 145.A.50(d) and Certification of Used Aircraft Components
We have published guidance on the applicability of AMC2 145.A.50(d) and Certification of Used Aircraft Components for Part 145 holders.
The purpose of this policy is to clarify the use of AMC2 145.A.50(d) so that the competent authority, installers and operators have confidence that used aircraft components have been satisfactorily removed from the aircraft, inspected, assessed and tested, as necessary, before being recertified and made eligible for installation on an aircraft registered in an EASA Member State.
Dated: August 2019

New Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Regulations
From the 9th July 2019, new rules came into effect on the use of EFB for CAT, NCC, SPO and NCO operators. The CAA instigated a new approval process which can be found on the CAA website. CAT operators must seek prior approval, and complete the EFB compliance checklist found in SRG1849.
NCC, SPO and NCO operators do not require approval but the SRG1849 will guide them to the appropriate regulations.
CAT operators already approved for EFB operations may continue to exercise this privilege but should complete the SRG1849 as a gap analysis to ensure compliance with the new regulations.
Dated: July 2019

Airlines and Foreign Carrier Permits
Football Charters
If you are intending to offer charter flights for the forthcoming Champions and Europa League finals in Madrid and Baku check you have, or can obtain, the necessary traffic rights first.
Dated: May 2019