Eurocontrol Safety Reminder

Adverse Weather Deviations – ATC Clearance and Pilot and Controller Actions
Dated: August 2013

Altimeter Setting Error During Climb Out
Dated: June 2013

Misuse of International Aeronautical Emergency Frequency 121.5 MHz
Dated: June 2012

Interceptions of Civil Aircraft – Operation of SSR and ACAS II
Dated: December 2011

Pilot actions on completion of an adverse weather deviation – ATC clearance
Dated: July 2011

ANSP Preparation for Emergency, Degraded modes of Operation and Unusual Situations
Dated: February 2011

Runway Incursion Prevention – Runway-holding Position, Stop Bars and ATC Clearance
Dated: February 2011

Operation of SSR Mode C by General Aviation VFR Recreational Flights
Dated: October 2010

Abbreviation and Misinterpretation of the “TYPE C” R/T Call Signs
Dated: August 2010

Own Separation Between IFR Flights in VMC and Interaction with ACAS II OPS
Dated: March 2010

Non ACAS Aircraft Operations
Dated: December 2009

S-band primary surveillance radar – co-existence issues 2.6 GHz transmissions
Dated: November 2009

Missed Approach RFT Communications (SRM)
Dated: 21st April 2009

Request in relation to the Safety Reminder Message (SRM 03) “Coordination in respect of aircraft in state of emergency”.
Dated: 4th November 2008

Coordination in respect of aircraft in state of emergency – (SRM 03)
Dated: 3rd November 2008