Eurocontrol Request for Support

Visual Departure Procedures at Night
Dated: January 2016

Use of aerodrome Tower VHF frequency by vehicle drivers involved in runway operations
Dated: June 2014

Runway Incursion Prevention – Aerodrome Stop Bar Operating Policy
Dated: March 2013

Passing of level information when providing Traffic Information
Dated: January 2013

Reduced Runway Length Operations during Construction/Work In Progress – ATIS and Radiotelephony Messages
Dated: January 2012

Operator Errors relating to P-RNAV operations – informing Hazard Analyses in support of Safety Case development
Dated: November 2010

Sector over deliveries due to non-adherence
Dated: May 2009

Summary of the responses to Request for Support Message “ILS Signal Protection”
A summary of responses received by 16 of March 2009.
Dated: March 2009

ILS Signal Protections
Request from Eurocontrol for responses/support from airlines, ANSPs and airport operators on any problems or observations on ILS Protected areas at airports
Dated: February 2009

Summary of the responses to Request for Support Message “SID Confusion”
Responses from 16 aircraft operators, 5 Air Navigation Service Providers and 3 airports. The summary is also available in the Safety Alert section of Skybrary –
Dated: January 2008